Financial Foundations
Life Changes
As with any major life change, if you have a better grasp of the financial requirements and tasks, you can be better prepared for what's ahead.
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Taxes are full of nuance and complicated jargon, these resources can help.
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Family & Kids
Banzai Courses
The Banzai Courses use real-life scenarios to demonstrate the power of good financial planning. For kids, teens, and young adults, these courses teach basic and advanced financial concepts.
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Security & Emergencies
Elder Fraud
Senior citizens are the most targeted demographic for fraud and scams. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones.
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Economic Health
The economy influences your finances—maybe a little, maybe a lot. See how much the economy affects you.
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Navigating Inflation
Inflation may be a normal part of a healthy economy, but it still affects prices, the value of a dollar, and your budget.
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Become an expert

You can find a pathway to your financial goals with Banzai. With resources that are interactive, easy to use, and free, what are you waiting for? Become an expert today!